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Company Profile

Commersald Impianti is a leader in the production of welding machines, welding plants and complementary welding products based on the PTA (Plasma Transferred Arc) process.

Born as a branch of Commersald at the end of the 90’s,in just a few years and with only 14 employees, the

company asserted itself rapidly in Italy, in Europe and throughout the world obtaining extraordinary results.

Commersald Impianti’s success is owed to an extremely high form of specialization in the development of PTA welding, obtained through constant investment in research and innovation added to prior experience coming from the Commersald Group as well as the ability to re-interpret the tradition of business in a new production-orientated company, with a high technological content.

Almost all production is internally manufactured by Commersald Impianti itself, starting off from machinery design to software programming, and ending off with the installation of the plant itself in the client’s workshop. This way we guarantee the total quality control of each component, as well as top customer service reliability. The Commersald Impianti technical service intervenes on-site directly from Italy throughout Europe, and through a network of qualified collaborators also throughout the world.

Furthermore a remote assistance service is available and allows a real time intervention on customer’s equipment, granting high speed of info transmission and few machine stops.


The PTA Process Plasma Transferred Arc

The Commersald Impianti range of products is almost exclusively aimed at the PTA welding process (Plasma Transferred Arc), a welding through melting process,

with super-alloyed metal powders and wires, particularly suitable for cladding mechanical components and manufactured products which are subject to wear and corrosion.

The PTA system features a high intensity plasma arc obtained by ionizing the Argon gas that passes through the electrical arc inside the welding torch (pilot arc). Another electrical arc, generated between the tungsten electrode and the piece (transferred arc), ultimately produces the energy necessary to melt the base metal and the welding consumable.

PTA welding is an innovative process, featuring a long list of advantages when compared to traditional welding systems:

  • Better welding quality

A finer and more homogeneous metallurgical structure, controlled penetration and limited dilution.

  • Speed and simplicity

Compared to the TIG process, times are cut down by half, and piece deformation is limited. Far simpler

programming and positioning.

  • Cost saving

Minimized powder dispersion and high power efficiency for really saving up in power and powder.

  • Pollution reduction

Studies carried out comparative tests on welding fumes and certified that with PTA there is a significant fall in atmospheric pollution compared to traditional processes.


Application fields

Thanks to its obvious advantages, PTA welding is used throughout the world in numerous areas, such as:

  • Automotive industry
  • Energy production
  • Glassworks
  • Drilling
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Plastic industry
  • Steelworks
  • Tile industry.

It is used both in large industrial establishments as well as in companies and by subcontractors that carry

out highly specialized machining and welding.


Commersald Impianti was born from the experience gained in the welding sector and by the uniqueness of

the Commersald Group: only searching for supreme quality, maximum service to the client and the essence

of relationship with people. A successful philosophy re-interpreted into the new company of a productive type, that founds its production on precise technological values.


Quality innovation

The PTA process developed by Commersald Impianti reaches absolute quality levels regarding performance, engineering, and reliability. An outstanding result for such a young company, obtained thanks to constant investment in research and specialization in skills that, today, allow for the design and construction of products that are unique in their field.


Automation and technology for comfort and safety

The level of excellence of the machines and components is supported by a simple and intuitive interface and by efficient control and problem diagnosing systems. This allows for a different approach to the welding world: always more secure, practical and comfortable for the workers. Even more efficient and clean from an energy point of view, resulting in a profit for both the users and the environment.