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Hardfacing / Welding


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Oric Italiana S.R.L. has been founded with the purpose of establishing and developing a leading firm in the sector of superalloy abrasion, heat and corrosion, for the manufacture and sale of:

  • precision castings, castings, sintered
  • bars, plates, flats, tubes, forgings
  • welding materials

Oric is able to offer any kind of mechanical parts with a virtually limitless range of products, with for-reaching and economically valuable technical solutions. The long-lasting expirience in the different industrial sectors is recognised by the world’s greatest industrial groupes that have chosen Oric as their supplier. The adoption of a system of quality conforming to the standard ISO9001 has the purpose of monitoring the level of quality and mainteining the elevated standards reached. For this reason, the Company Management has directly involved all personnel from design throughout all the system’s implementation phases, and has provided the company with tools that allow efficent exchanges of information of the activities devoloped. The continuous search for new materials and technologies represent Oric’s philosophy and chatacteristics.


Stelloric manifactures a comprehensing range of alloy to suit the most aggressive enviroments. We produce innovative superalloy products that have earned a place in every industry, where they face difficult conditions of abrasiong, heat and corrosion. Industries served:

  • agricoltural
  • aircraft
  • aerospace
  • automotive
  • chemical
  • dry cell battery
  • food processing
  • glass
  • iron & steel
  • mechanical
  • naval
  • nuclear
  • paper & pulp
  • petroleum & oil
  • pharmaceutics
  • plastic
  • pollution control
  • power generation
  • rubber
  • textiles
  • timber

Stelloric products are required wherever there is a need of high performance parts to operate under adverse conditions. For any questions do not esitate to contact our sale and technical department.