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Our Company

RINA SERVICES S.p.A. is the RINA company that develops and offers classification, inspection, conformity auditing, testing and certification services (TIC Services). From the energy to shipping, infrastructures to agri-food, and mining to aerospace sectors we provide our experience and skills to offer organisations strategic support, to assist them to attain maximum quality, efficiency, safety and sustainability.

RINA SERVICES is part of the RINA Group that started out as Registro Italiano Navale and is now a multi-business Group that operates in more than 60 countries and has more than 2,750 personnel. Thanks to their commitment, in 2014 it was able to generate revenue of more than Euro 330 million.

Our Mission

RINA SERVICES’ mission is to support organisations through their growth process, to allow them to be ever more competitive on the relevant markets.

Our investments in highly qualified resources and ongoing professional development mean we can provide strategic support to our clients, allowing them to attain the highest levels of quality, innovation, sustainability and safety in their management systems, installations and production processes, as well as their personnel, products and services.

As a third-party, independent body, RINA SERVICES offers its services in full compliance with the principles of professional ethics, transparency, confidentiality and social accountability.


Voluntary Certification of Materials:  Our technicians do third-party audits for attaining the following certifications:

  • Certificates of conformity to requirements contained in contractual technical specifications or international standards.
  • Test certificates that attest to the successful outcome of tests done.
  • EN 10204 3.2 Certificates that attest to the conformity of steel materials to orders.
  • Certificates of conformity for prototypes, in relation to the requirements of the applicable regulations.

Quality & Quantity Services: Checking quantities ensures that the goods effectively correspond to what is called for in commercial documents, whereas quality checks ensure that the goods do not have evident defects and that they satisfy requirements indicated in the order or in related documents.

Two analysis laboratories are available for more detailed audits and specific needs, in terms of chemical and mechanical testing of materials.

Inspection & Expediting: One priority in companies is to ensure that materials, components, and equipment conform to purchase orders in terms of quality, timing and costs.  RINA Services provides specific assistance with its second and third party inspection services, as well as a widespread network of expediters who have an in-depth knowledge of international standards, as well as possessing recognised technical skills.  This activity involves Inspections: inspecting supplies, certifying components and materials, quantity and quality services, and pre-shipment inspections. Field Expediting: surveillance visits during execution of orders, monitoring and checking the progress status of supply activities, the availability of materials, fabrication, testing and dispatching. Desk Expediting: constant support by e-mail and telephone, to obtain information on the current status of a supply, simply and quickly.

Supplier Qualification:  This is an independent service for managing the suppliers list providing valuable support to buying offices in defining requirements for approving suppliers, managing the suppliers list, and assessing the capacity and economic and financial stability of suppliers. This service is made up of various activities, the most significant of which include: financial assessment to obtain a preliminary overview of the company, desktop analysis based on examining documentation, site visits to ascertain the actual existence of objective evidence, and analysing feedback on performance in terms of punctuality, quality, safety, correctness, and reliability of the products purchased and of the services provided.

Product Certification:   Obligatory or voluntary, to guarantee the quality, safety and reliability of products.  CE marking (ATEX Directive, Machinery Directive, PED, TPED, recreational craft 94/25/EC), Type Approval and MED are among the major services offered in the product certification sector.

Testing: Non-destructive testing, mechanical tests, fire tests, metallography, failure analysis, calibration and heat treatments are just some of the principal services offered by our laboratories. 

Personnel Certification:  Personnel certification involves attesting to the fact that a person is competent based on criteria laid down in a standard.  Certification of those involved in NDT (UNI EN ISO 9712, SNT TC 1A, API), welders and welding processes (CSWIP 3.1, EN 15085-2, ASME Code, AWS D1.1 standard, UNI 9737:2007) are just some of our major services in the personnel certification sector.

Management System Certification:  In this area, RINA SERVICES offers diversified and internationally-recognised certification services, ranging from consolidated quality management systems to the most recent, innovative certification of energy management systems, such as ISO 50001.

Classification:  Classification of ships being built and in operation, yachts and offshore units, are some of the main services we offer in this sector.  RINA SERVICES is recognised by the Italian Administration and by another hundred maritime flag Administrations. 

Thanks to the backing of other Companies in the RINA Group, RINA SERVICES is able to provide assistance for developing and applying new materials such as steels, light alloys (titanium, aluminum), nickel and cobalt based super alloys, hybrid compounds, and other types of materials.

CSM – Centro Sviluppo Materiali makes laboratory services available for this sector, which includes:

– Selection and characterisation of materials

– Development of protective and corrosion control coatings

– Advanced modelling (e.g. CFD, thermomechanics)

– Stress & failure analysis


RINA SERVICES is a member of the Management Committee of CEOC (International Confederation of Inspection and Certification Organizations) and, as a member of the RINA Group, is a member of IFIA (International Federation of Inspection Agencies).

RINASERVICES has acquired a vast array of awards, issued by international, European Community, and Italian Bodies and Organisations. These can be seen at the following link