Trevisan Macchine Utensili S.p.a.




Passion and simplicity.

These are the main characteristics that have made a man, born in 1932 one of the most respected men in the machine tool world. His name is Girolamo Trevisan who chose to make the machine tool business his profession.

The strength of the tradition.

Quality and production processes have become our strong points for over half century, right from the first phase of creation and design inside our technical office. Control and excellence follow to a series of choices held as being fundamental for guaranteeing a quality result: all machining processes are carried out inside the company in order to control each production phase of the machine. Boring machines, milling machines and lathes are all part of the production machine inventory, some of these were specially designed by Girolamo Trevisan for specific applications.

Looking at the future.

All of our machines are characterized by extremely high quality and engineering standards, scrupulously observing international certifications and standards in force. We design and produce machines for the most varied industrial sectors, among which the agriculture, automotive, aerospace and aeronautics, marine and energy sectors. Trevisan machine tools is not only a supplier of technology but also a reliable partner which every client can count on. Today, the ability to provide solutions that are more original and developed with continuous technological advancements remains the strong point of the company.


Trevisan Macchine Utensili is always working to strengthen its role as a partner in the design and production of both standard and special design turning centers, to become the true benchmark in the industrial sector and beyond. The customer, no matter where in the world they may be, are always at the center of our attention. Constantly we are looking for the best solution to the production requirements of our customers. Because the “More than you expect” is not just a message, but the direction we follow always.


Trevisan Macchine Utensili integrates the passion and experience, passed along by its founder Girolamo Trevisan, mechanical technological innovation to provide cutting-edge solutions in the design and production of stationary part turning centers. The company has always been committed to design and manufacture the mechanical components within their production area, in order to keep tight control of the product and give a truly comprehensive service. A highly skilled design department and after-sales service structured complement the strengths of the company. In addition, each prototype of new machines and related testing, takes place within the company under the supervision of the customer. To see, first hand, the true capabilities of the machine, optimizing and never neglecting any detail.


The company constantly invests in new design and manufacture of its work centers. We believe fully in new technological challenges, which is constantly evolving, both personnel and equipment, to be always ready for the demands of an ever changing market. Reliability, professionalism, precision, innovation, are qualities that have distinguished us from 1963.



Trevisan machine tool carries out most of machining inside the company, in order to control, step by step, the manufacturing of the components for the machines. Trevisan machine tool has traditional and CNC machines for its own production processes, including CNC grinders.

Precision processing

In order to achieve the high precision of the machines, Trevisan machine tool performs the final processes on high-precision machines, in a temperature controlled room.

Quality control

The company has a temperature controlled metrological room with three-dimensional measure machine and precision tools for the control of the components and assembly parts.

Assembly and testing

The assembly of each machine produced by the company is performed by skilled technicians in a 1000 square meters facility. All machines are fully tested by our technicians before being delivered to the end customer.



Serie small

The machine center DS 300/70C is a little genius with enormous potential, because it combines all the benefits of the work that can be performed in a fixed piece and every stage of turning is extremely precise and safe thanks to the machining program at constant surface speed.

The high-speed spindle allows you to automatically load a tool changeable 135mm contour head with 30mm of stroke from the tool magazine: ideal for machining of small diameters at high rpm. The potential of the machine grows even more with the option of equipping angle heads.


Serie medium

Changing the tool is not always the best solution. The DS450/130C contour head allows you to use a single tool to turn diameters from 0 to 600mm without changing the tool or stopping the machine. Each step of turning an extremely precise and safe, thanks to the ability to program at constant surface speed like a lathe.

A heavy-duty machine, consisting of the highest quality materials, as is tradition for Trevisan: all the mechanical motion of the contour head, are made of hardened steel; stand frame is welded steel; the head is Meehanite.


Serie medium plus

Changing the tool is not always the best solution. The DS600/200C contour head allows you to use a single tool to turn diameters from 0 to 900mm without changing the tool or stopping the machine. Each step of turning an extremely precise and safe, thanks to the ability to program in constant surface speed.
A machining center and a lathe, together. And much more.
A heavy-duty machine, consisting of the highest quality materials, as is tradition for Trevisan: all the mechanical motion of the contour head, diameter 600, are made of hardened steel; stand frame is welded steel; the head is Meehanite. You can equip a RAM of 230 mm diameter, controlled by CNC with stroke of 350 mm.


Serie big

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. The DS 900/300C machining center is very tough. Table can hold parts up to 6000 kg and the contour head can turning up to 1400 mm on a stationary piece.

The size matters

The tool change arm can easily and quickly change tools from the tool magazine using its 2 gripper system. The tool changer has the ability to automatically load small 220mm contour heads (50 mm stroke) and angle heads directly to the quill spindle.

DS1200/450C – DS1500/450C

Serie oversize

The Oversize machine series machines are built for thinking big. The oversize machines are designed with 2400 x 2400mm tables that have a weight capacity of 30,000 kg and swing clearance of 4700 mm. While big, the B-axis table still has a standard resolution of 360,000 counts per revolution for high accuracy machining and a 10° tilt for angled machining.

Designed for those who think big

To machine large parts you need large tools. The oversize machines come with a 40 to 80 pos. tool magazine. The machine has the ability thanks to the rigidity of the TG200 toolholder design to machine with tools up to 900mm in length and 60 kg such as boring bars and drills. If thats not big enough, there is an option for a headrack with automated tool change for extremely large and specialty tools such as multi angle heads and smaller contour heads.


Serie oversize – Machining up to Ø 3000 mm.

The main characteristic of the machine is turning of a fixed component up to a diameter of 3000 mm which, combined with the various available accessories, allows for carrying out of complete processes in one set up. The machining times are significantly reduced while still holding an excellent standard of quality and precision.

The DS1800/460C machining center is a double column assembly, One for turning, the other for milling. The contour head can turn diameters of up to 3000 mm in diameter. The contouring head is supported with automatic tool changing and can support tools, such as boring bars, up to 1800mm in length and 350kg. The second column supports a 560x490mm RAM with 1400mm of stroke. The RAM is built for mounting large tools such as contouring heads (600 or 300mm in diameter), high speed or high torque facing-heads, multi-angle milling heads, and set angle heads for milling. The RAM is also equipped with a separate 99 tool magazine for changing tools on the various mounts. A two-position manipulator is used to load the boring bars on the urning device and for loading of accessories on the RAM, complete with a 16-place head and boring bar container magazine. The machine can be built with one or two tables built on a base with longitudinal Z work axis. The hydrostatic table is 3000 x 3000 mm, and can hold a maximum load of 40 tons with a swing diameter of 5000mm.


Equipe Module Units

The Equipe Module Units, combines all the advantages of machining a rotating workpiece with those of a fixed workpiece. The unit guarantees high production through it’s flexibility which permits various workpiece to be machined with change over simplified. The flexibility of this unit is due to it’s revolving six (6) position turret, which can receive various spindle attachments to bore, tap, multiple spindle heads and above all, turning heads to contour turn. Machining with the turning heads rotating the tool and feeding it radially it’s possible to do typical turning ( cylindrical, conical, spherical ) single point threading (cylindrical and conical) facing etc.

All this is done with standard commercial insert tooling.

Pick-Up Turning Lines

The “PICK UP” turning lines combine several vertical lathes which work simultaneously and at high speed with turning, boring and chamfering stations, the whole completely automated. In this manner, the operator inserts the component onto the loading area and then takes it off completely finished; a result made possible by the presence of several work stations, specifically designed to reduce machine processing times.

Trevisan tailor-made technology.

Trevisan Machine Tools, in addition to the “standard” production, is able to create Ad Hoc work centers for any production needs. After careful analysis of “customer production” and a first layout, each work cycle is checked and studied with the aim of designing a work center that can optimize 100% time and cost.