Afghanistan imports oil&gas from Iran again

Iran has resumed its fuel exports to Afghanistan again, following a request from the Taliban
government. The Taliban feel empowered by the withdrawal of the United States from Afghanistan
to buy more openly Iranian oil sanctioned by Washington. The oil&gas price in Afghanistan has
reached 900 USD per tonne. In the chaotic situation, to counter the soaring prices, the Taliban have
asked Shiite Iran to keep its borders open for traders. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan would send
messages to Iran saying: “You can continue exporting oil products”, reports Reuters, citing the Union
of Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Exporters of Iran. Despite a history of hostility based on Sunni-Shiite
antagonism, Tehran does not seem concerned about the return to power of the Talibans. Iran shares
a 921 kilometre border with Afghanistan, more than three million Afghan refugees and
undocumented migrants now live in Iran.

Oil tankers passing through Pakistan on their way to Afghanistan