Baker Hughes launches new onshore composite pipe

Energy technology company Baker Hughes last week unveiled the development of an onshore
composite flexible pipe that lowers the cost of ownership, reduces corrosion risks and lowers
manufacturing emissions relative to traditional pipes. The next generation non – metallic products
including flexible pipes for multiple sectors will be built in Houston. The pipeline is the result of the
company’s strategic investment for growth in innovative non-metallic materials. According to Baker Hughes, “the flexible, lightweight reinforced thermoplastic pipe offers an economic and
environmentally superior alternative to resource-intensive onshore steel pipes, for optimizing the
core structure of flowline and oil and gas pipeline networks. A key feature of the pipe is its proven
spoolable design, making it easier, faster and more cost-effective to transport and install versus
steel pipe – reducing installed costs by more than 20%. Installation also requires fewer onsite
support facilities and heavy vehicles, de-risking operations.”