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Audco Italiana the company specialized on industrial valves for almost 80 years. Although the trade name has been registered only in 1953, the activities of our company began nearly 20 years before. The deep know-how developed in years of major successful collaborations with major Italian and international companies has allowed us to develop over time an ongoing relationship of trust with our suppliers and customers. Audco Italiana is the official distributor for Serk Audco, Nordstrom, Worcester and Norbro of Flowserve Corporation.


Super H Inverted Type Plug Valves

Environsafe Worchester Ball Valve

Piece Ball Valves

Piece Ball Valve

Split Body Ball Valves

Multiport Ball Valves

Rotary Control Ball Valves

Norbro Pneumatic Actuators

Self Lubricated Plug Valves

Audco Butterfly Valves

Gate Valves

Globe Valves

Switch Box

Sealants, Stem Packing, Cleaners

Pneumatic Hypregun Pump 5Q-5G for sealant Injection

Hydraulic Handgun Pump 400-D for Sealant Injection

Norbro Electric Actuators

Spare Parts & Maintenance

Fittings for Flexible hoses

Ceramic Hoses