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    Carrara make and provide high value-added sealing gland packings and gasketing materials to meet the industrial sealing applications since 1961 and the product range is always in evolution because include all available new material and production’s technicque in order to improve constantly the gaskets performance.


    Il product range includes:

    • Compression packings for pumps and valves
    • Graphite sealing for valves
    • Metal gaskets ring joint, spiral wound, kammprofile for flanges
    • Jacketed gaskets for heat exchanger
    • Gasketing sheets graphite, PTFE, compressed fibres
    • O-ring

    The extension and the available equipment at the department Valvograph, which produces graphite sealing systems for Industrial Valves, place it among the first in the western manufacturers, about the production capability and about the quality control level.

    Carrara utilises the flexible expanded graphite Sigraflex®, available in the styles C, E, Z, ZX, APX and APX2 (about the bonnet gaskets Sigraflex® Hochdruck and Sigraflex® Universal).


    Available certifications:

    • Fire Test API 589
    • API 622-API 624-API 641
    • ISO 15848
    • TA LUFT VDI 2440
      • PTFE packing
      • Graphite packing
      • Spiral wound
    • BAM for Oxygen Service
      • PTFE packing
      • Graphite packing
      • Spiral wound
    • Graphite Oxidation Test EN14772 for compliance with MESC 85/203 e MESC 85/204
    • Spiral wound MESC SPE 85/300 TAT