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    CFA SRL is a company founded in 1993 by technicians with decades of experience in the field of industrial maintenance and includes customers in various sectors such as: petrochemical, energy, pharmaceutical, food, textile, steel and paper.

    Aimed at satisfying customers’ production needs, it promotes an activity aimed at guaranteeing prompt assistance in the maintenance and overhaul of fluid handling and control equipment (valves, pumps, levels, field instrumentation for equipment control), both programmed and extraordinary.

    The secret is in the passion and commitment that we put into every single activity, ensuring the correctness, availability and security of finding us always at the service of the customer. We are particularly prepared on MASONEILAN products, of which we have been “MARC” Masoneilan Authorized Repair Center for 15 years – from 1995 to 2010 – (broken relationship for changed commercial strategies implemented by the Parent Company GE), but we review and maintain all the equipment of the manufacturers present on the market.

    In addition to auditing and maintenance, CFA also carries out third party activities such as assembly, component machining, functional testing, of the same types of equipment.

    Thanks to the efforts made in these years, in trying to always obtain the maximum efficiency and reliability of the equipment we review, we have acquired the assignment from Chesterton of: “Authorized Center for Installation and Service of Chesterton Sealing Systems”. This result, gratifies us and pushes us to continue in this sense, always seeking the satisfaction of customer expectations


    • Valves (regulation, safety, interception, etc.) field instrumentation (regulators / transmitters / level switches, temperature, pressure, flow meters, etc.)
    • Pumps (centrifugal pumps also multi-stage with vertical or horizontal axis, gear pumps, diaphragm pumps, etc.)
    • Electric motors (both direct and alternating current)
    • Rotating machines with geared motors (mixers, fermenters, reactors, etc.) range of products Chesterton sealing systems and primary producers
    • Compression fittings for joining pipes up to 3 “- pressure max 600 bar, temperature of use from -50 ° C to + 425 ° C construction material in carbon steel or stainless steel These fittings with patented system ensure installation speed and time of intervention in case of repair considerably lower than any welding
    • Spare parts, accessories, complete units of valves and pumps of various manufacturers


    • Scheduled general audit activity (plant shutdown or temporary out-of-service),
    • At the CFA workshop, ordinary and scheduled maintenance activities
    • At the customer’s plant maintenance / overhaul activities with the intervention of technicians within 24/48 hours, in order to guarantee the continuity of the systems
    • Periodic certification of safety valves according to the provisions of the mandatory regulations with relevant bodies (INAIL, ASL or other accredited body), which can be carried out for non-hazardous fluids, even with the plant in operation with INAIL certified hydraulic jack.
    • Modifications and restorations on equipment such as: special welding coatings, protective coatings applications, construction and application of maneuvering extensions, assembly and / or replacement of pneumatic, hydraulic, electric actuators and manual controls
    • Supply and application of anti-wear and anti-acid protective polymeric coatings on metal parts such as tanks, fireplaces, etc.
    • Construction of special equipment on customer specifications
    • Equipment assembly activities at the CFA workshop
    • Equipment testing activities CFA has hydraulic test benches for valves up to diameter 24 “, wheeled test benches for testing of safety valves up to diameter 10” and 300 bar, test bench for regulating valves up to diameter 12 “, hydraulic jack for testing valves online security.
    • Processing activities of components for small batches CFA has a department for mechanical processing consisting of traditional machine tools (no CN or CNC) such as lathes, milling, grinding for shutters, drills, slotting machines, lapidels, lapping machines. It is also able to perform other complementary activities such as sandblasting and welding, having a specific department for both activities.