CHUN & VOLLERIN, Your Special Alloys Partner

CHUN & VOLLERIN can solve your project needs in your projects in the energy, heat treatment, pharmaceutical, petrolchemical and naval industry with our stock of nickel alloys, copper alloys and special metals and the possibility of customized cutting and processing. CHUN & VOLLERIN is specialized in processing and trading of semifinished products in nickel alloys, duplex and superduplex, copper alloys used in special environments such as high temperatures and high corrosion. In our warehouse you can find bars, sheets, plates, tubes, pipes, stripes and coils that can be processed according to customer required sizes processing and delivered in short time. Thanks to constant learning and to well established partnerships, CHUN & VOLLERIN is an important link on the market for greater plants supplies, building sites, petrolchemical, oil and gas, shipbuilding.


    • New premises with improved logistic
    • More than 4000sqm for operations
    • Fast Track orders available
    • Experienced Technical support to match product with project specifications
    • Customized Cutting
    • Custom products to drawing detail
    • Certification and Testing on demand

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ISO 9001:2015 certified



CHUN & VOLLERIN - Greater Plants