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    “Quality means satisfying your customer’s needs, overcoming his expectations and improving continuously”

     William Edwards Deming


    MGA manufactures and sells lifting equipment and lashing solutions.

    We believe in these fundamental values:

    • continuous supply and availability
    • high quality standards due to current regulations

    Our main strong points are:

    • great experience in our sector
    • project planning included in the offering
    • checking and consultancy service

    Our company was founded and has grown in Turin, a city where industrial culture is an integral part of its history and each company. We have developed our own particular company policy based on quality, the environment, safety and social responsibility.

    The quality means a total satisfaction of our customers, providing a continuous support and training to improve processes standard.

    The environment means an eco-friendly manufacturing.

    Safety is our daily work: safety in the workplace and related activities.

    Sharing important choices is what we call social responsibility, trying to be a source of development and inspiration for our customers and other companies.


    Our main aim has always been a research to improve safety while lifting and moving loads, in order to minimize all risks, injuries and accidents, both to people and loads, which are commonly an important part of companies’ loss.

    We have chosen quality and guarantee of RUD, undoubted top leader in this sector. Our products are a result of several innovation researches in every step of planning and manufacturing: transformation, welding, thermic treatment, surface working techniques, forging and machine processes.

    Our products are designed to satisfy all needs and expectations of our customers, in terms of work adequacy, respecting safety regulations, trust requirements, market resistance and being eco – friendly.

    The core business of our company is tailor made technological and innovative solution which offers our customers an important added value, in terms of quality, efficacy and safety.

    All RUD products we provide come from an idea of a sustainable manufacturing, according to international standards, all confirmed by the certificates: ISO 50001 (energy management systems) and ISO 14001 (environmental management systems).

    This modern technology is a result of various partnerships between R&S and various institutions, universities, providers and customers. It’s a continuous research that allows RUD to develop new features of their products, creating new standards in the sector.


    We are providers of RUD products, which has been a German leader of lifting and lashing modern systems for over 140 years. This partnership allows us to introduce the best solutions of this world leader to Italian market.

    Apart from RUD products, we also offer solutions for tailor made projects.

    We guarantee a continuous supply, a distribution network and an availability in all parts of Italy.

    Our main products
    •  RUD lifting points
    • RUD lifting chains VIP 100 and ICE 120
    • Chains, chain slings, load-binders
    • Polyester web slings and round slings, protections
    • Lashing systems
    • Lifting beams, column jib cranes, accessories
    • Manual & electric hoists
    • Steel wire rope
    • Lifting clamps
    • Magnetic lifters, hydraulic bottle jacks
    • Container lifting lugs
    • Safety devices
    Sectors of interest
    •  Valves producers
    • Moulds producers
    • Engineering
    • Metal manufacturing
    • Automation engineering
    • Oil & Gas industry
    • Steel plants
    • Foundries
    • Automotive
    • Precision mechanics
    • Ports
    • Oversize loads
    Checking and consultancy service

    Lifting devices in compliance with Machinery Directive, Directive 2006/42/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council, are subjects to regular checks due to current regulations (according to Executive order 81/08 regarding occupational safety of people at work).

    Technical consulting and initial inspection are essential for successful checking. That is why we provide inspection service which consists of the following phases:

    • lifting equipment and devices census
    • supervision
    • dimensional features verification through manual tools
    • checking technical products’ plates and compliance certificates
    • searching for inadequate products and possible servicing
    • final report in conformity with current regulations

    After final checks, all products will be assigned an identification number, a unique code while a customer will be given a catalogue concerning each product.