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    Mollificio Luigi Codega began its industrial production in 1925, thanks to the passion, competence and determination of the founder, Cavalier Luigi Codega. Since the beginning, the Spring Manufacturer has distinguished itself in its sector also thanks to the many patents filed over the years, which have allowed a rapid growth and significant development of its industrial capacity.

    His son, Fabio Codega, subsequently took over the helm of the company and began to implement technical innovations and optimise production, increasing the range of products while maintaining the high quality standards that have always distinguished the company.

    Luigi Codega’s heir continues to run this company in a responsible manner, while remaining committed to the family’s industrial tradition and success.


    Mollificio Luigi Codega has obtained the ISO 9001 certification, the world’s most recognised and widely used standard for quality management systems, aimed at ensuring that the products marketed meet specific quality requirements and that all the production stages can be traced and verified.

    ISO 9001


    Technological investments in state-of-the-art production machines and the quality of the raw materials used allows Mollificio Luigi Codega to consistently maintain and guarantee very high standards of quality at extremely competitive prices.



    A well-stocked warehouse of raw materials allows promptly meeting every production need, including customised productions. Mollificio Luigi Codega is also able to offer advice and create dedicated samples according to specific customer requirements.



    The ability to produce articles that can perfectly meet every need, whether small or large productions, and the respect of the processing and delivery times, make Mollificio Luigi Codega a reliable partner for all customers.



    Springs in strips and wire made of different types of material depending on the specific uses (carbon steel, alloy steel, pre-hardened steel, pre-galvanized steel, stainless steel, bronze and others). All the products undergo strict quality controls and testing.



    The high quality standards that have always characterised the production of Mollificio Luigi Codega are also guaranteed by an impressive array of machines: it is not enough to know how to design the perfect spring; you must also be able to produce it according to the required standards.

    For this reason, the company constantly invests in production machinery to always keep abreast of the latest production possibilities coming from recent technological innovations, using the brands of the most important companies on the market: Wafios, Simplex Rapid, Schenker, Bobbio, Hach, Htc, Nu Coil, Milani e Brescianini, Finzer, Ghislanzoni, OMD and Kamatech.


    A compression or pressure spring is an open-coiled, helical spring designed to offer resistance to linear compressing and push forces.

    The compression springs by Mollificio Luigi Codega are made using the best raw materials and following the highest quality standards, in different diameters and sizes, to meet all loading and use requirements, from industrial environments to those specific to the hi-tech industry.

    Mollificio Luigi Codega manufactures products for a wide variety of industrial sectors: from springs for the metalworking industry to those for the textile world, from springs dedicated to the car and motorcycle industries, to those for household appliances, furniture, weapons and aeronaval industries. All the springs are subjected to rigorous checks to ensure that the products meet the specifications requested by the customer, and are accompanied by test certificates.


    Tensioning springs, or traction springs, react to an axial force that tends to extend their length, with or without initial tension.

    Mollificio Luigi Codega produces tensioning springs for a wide variety of industrial sectors, designing them according to the specific requests of customers and producing them in different materials and shapes according to their use.

    From the extensive experience gained over the years by the technical department, the company is also able to offer a consulting service for the design and manufacture of the most suitable products for every purpose of use.

    All the springs are subjected to load tests to ensure that each spring fully complies with the technical specifications requested by the customer, and are accompanied by test certificates.


    Torsion springs are helical springs that offer resistance to twist or rotationally applied force. Depending on the application, they can work in a clockwise or counter-clockwise rotations, thus determining the direction of the wind.

    Recent investments enable Mollificio Luigi Codega to not only produce torsion springs, but also to meet any type of use and loading requirement with the production of double-torsion springs.

    The meticulous design, choice of the finest raw materials and use of technologically advanced machines allows Mollificio Luigi Codega to produce torsion springs that meet the most rigorous inspections and tests, while offering highly competitive prices.


    Due to their nature and size, micro springs require special care and attention during all stages of production to ensure a reliable and durable product.

    Mollificio Luigi Codega produces compression micro springs in wire made of steel and bronze, with diameters up to 0.1, for all industrial applications.
    Accurate design and state-of-the-art production technologies, including the use of powerful viewers, allows the company to meet consumer needs with greater accuracy and precision.


    Shaped springs have a particular shape to perform the most varied functions, including functions that are less standard than other types of springs, for this reason they require a careful and specific design.

    The technical department of Mollificio Luigi Codega has gained extensive experience over the years in the design of this type of spring and is able to offer all the advice necessary to create products with excellent technical characteristics for all uses.

    Experienced and highly qualified personnel scrupulously follow all the production processes and all the products are guaranteed by test and inspection certificates and declarations of conformity thanks to the use of advanced high-precision computer systems.


    Strip springs are shaped according to their use, and can have many different shapes and sizes. They are usually made according to customer’s drawings or specific customer requirements.

    Mollificio Luigi Codega manufactures strip springs using state-of-the-art production systems to perfectly meet any need, and using different types of materials, from steel to bronze.

    Controls are carried out throughout all stages of production using high-precision instruments to ensure a high level of quality and compliance with customer requirements.