Stamperia Carlo Guerrieri & figli




Via Monte Barro, 6, Erba
22036 CO Italia

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STAMPERIA CARLO GUERRIERI was founded in 1961 as a small tool finishing company in Arcellasco, a hamlet of Erba (Como). Under the guidance of Mr. Carlo Guerrieri in the ’70s the company has had a significant development and important transformations that have led it to expand its plants, moving to the industrial area of ​​the city of Erba and to move from the production of tools to the hot molding. EVOLUTION With the introduction of the sons Enrico and Giancarlo into the company, Stamperia Guerrieri has greatly expanded its fields of application thanks to the purchase of new systems and machinery able to print details whose weights vary from 0.5 Kg to 25 Kg For several years the Stamperia Guerrieri has created its own mechanical department that allows it to independently produce all the molds necessary for production and, with a view to continuous improvement in quality, it has a department for quality control and a sandblasting department for printed items.


  • Internal construction of molds and equipment
  • Quality check
  • Sandblasting
  • Automotive (simple and self-locking ring nuts, locking and lifting rings, pulleys, joints, rings, pistons)
  • Spare parts (wheel hubs, chain drive gear, caps)
  • Electromechanics (containers, brake body, brake discs, threaded fan flanges)
  • Various parts (collars, hubs, water and air connections, weighing stops)


  UNI EN ISO 9001:2008