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Tiemme di Tamarri despite being a young and dynamic, already has a thirty-year experience that is now translated into the OIL & GAS sector and specifically the lapping and adjustment of metal to metal seats for seals at high and very high pressures, specializing in machining of innovative metals such as tungsten carbide, silicon carbide, 98% alumina, chromium oxide, graphite, both reported and integrals.

We also deal with what is referred to as surface super-grinding, which ensures a higher seal and an optimal finish that respects the sealing geometries calculated by our. customers of SUBSEA valve manufacturers.

Tiemme pursues with passion a single objective: a complete and optimized production process aimed at improving the quality of the final product and offering a customer service always precise and punctual.

In fact one of the main characteristics of our activity is the direct contact with an important clientele especially in the request of tolerance and very limited finishes, dictated by the increasingly exasperated market situations, and the maximum availability translated into very fast deliveries and efficiency.

Thanks to the continuous increase and specificity of requests, it has led to a notable implementation of the machine fleet, also including lapping and super-finishing, both flat and cylindrical.


  • Petrochemical
  • Aeronautical