The third edition of the industrial valves summit has already set a new record: 250 companies, 2 pavilions, 13,000 square meters of exhibition space

Bergamo, 4th March 2019 – The third edition of IVS – Industrial Valve Summit, the most important world event dedicated to industrial valve technologies and flow control solutions, promoted by Confindustria Bergamo and Ente Fiera Promoberg, will be held in Bergamo on 22nd and 23rd May 2019.

It will be a memorable edition and probably an unparalleled successful one. The event has sold out its exhibition spaces and just a few days since the official opening of registrations through the portal, visitors are already joining this event. Borrowing a term from the world of entertainment, we can say that the third edition of IVS is already sold-out: 250 companies, 2 pavilions, 13,000 square meters of exhibition space. Not a single stand is still available at the “Fiera di Bergamo”. More than 10,000 visitors are expected for this year’s edition, almost three times more than the 3500 visitors registered in the first edition of 2015 and about 30% more than the 8000 visitors registered in the 2017 edition.

Industrial Valve Summit is once again proposed as a Made in Italy champion, since it puts together associative values as the result of the local background and unique technical skills. This international event is back on stage as an asset for the promotion of the territory, by supporting the excellence of Italian industrial production with an event that, thanks to the strong satellite industries involved and expected here, attracts more and more important numbers.

The Oil&Gas valve sector has a weight, in terms of value, for the Italian market, higher than the weight it has in other major European economies such as Germany, the United Kingdom and France. The leadership was confirmed by the research commissioned to Prometeia – a leading company in studies for institutional investors – on Oil&Gas valves: the data showed that the value of the reference market is around 3.3 billion Euros. There are about 11,000 employees and they work in over 300 companies. Italy leads this industry with 31% of total European production, followed by Germany (26%), the United Kingdom (13%) and France (11%).

Bergamo, among other things, is the natural district capital of the Italian industrial valves and flow control solutions manufacturers for Oil&Gas, since more than 90% of the Italian production is located within 100 km. Companies within this sector are at the forefront of the Italian mechanical manufacturing market thanks to the high technological added value and the number of investments made in research and development.

The traditional and locally rooted vocation of the supply chain also boosts tourism, which is already experiencing a particularly brilliant moment. With 2,294,624 presences and 1,201,437 arrivals, 2017 closed with a brilliant result as regards tourist flows in the area around Bergamo.

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