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    CDB Engineering is a consolidated Italian company founded in 2000, dynamic and independent, capable of the design, manufacture and supply of a wide range of products for the energy industry. CDB Engineering operates in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Power-Generation industries through three different Business Units.

    The company is located in the industrial area south of Milan and covers a total surface area of  25,000 sq.m. The manufacturing activities are organized in three factories over a covered area of 10.000 sq.m. Thanks to an organization that boasts a staff of over 100 people, all phases of engineering, including process and mechanical design, manufacturing, testing, painting and packing are carried out in-house.

    Committed to the continuous development and realization of solutions aimed at meeting increasingly demanding technical requirements, CDB Engineering, ethical and responsible,  customer-driven business approach is aimed at continuously improving the performance and reliability of the product.


    The policy for human resources management is closely linked to our company values: quality, research and innovation.

    A young and competent team, supported by a very rigorous middle management, makes CDB Engineering a dynamic and up-to-date Company.


    Working together and sharing the same vision and same objectives; integration of abilities, skills and values grant good performances beyond all area of responsibility. Since the establishment of the Company, our policy has always been to trust in young and talented staff, supporting their educational growth, and enhancing the potential of individuals. Our employees follow continuous training, in order to promote individual success and increase the overall value of the Organization, in a context of equal opportunities


    CDB Engineering Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Management Systems have been implemented in order to achieve explicit and underlying requirements of Customers and stakeholders. The company works in the respect of the environment and pursue the best possible conditions of Safety and Health of Work (S & SL) by applying the principles of prevention and continuous improvement.



    Steam Line


    CDB Process Division is focused on the design, manufacturing and supply of tailor-made solutions for different applications in the Oil&Gas Process Industry, such as Filtration & Separation, Heating, Gas Conditioning and Electro-Chlorination. From upstream to downstream, CDB Engineering products are fully engineered by our multi-disciplined engineering team with the support of process simulators and mechanical tools. Our full control over in-house fabrication guarantees timely deliveries at the highest quality standards. We ensure a single-point responsibility, starting from process and detailed engineering, to commissioning and start up, providing full support during the project lifecycle. Through our consolidated expertise and a continuous enrichment of our dedicated engineering and project management resources, we are proud to guarantee close support to our Clients in their challenging projects.


    Process filters

    CDB Engineering capabilities ensure the full design, engineering, fabrication & assembly and test for a complete range of Filtration Units. Removal of solid particles, dirt and dust, contaminants and other foreign substances is the scope of the Process Filters designed and fabricated by us.

    The company has long experience in supplying Process Filtration Units, skid-mounted, simplex, duplex and self-cleaning configuration based on Cartridge, Basket, Bag and Activated Carbon elements.


    Separators are used in several industrial applications to separate a vapor -liquid mixture and solids particle from gas or liquid. CDB Engineering has gained reliable know-how in manufacturing customized type of Separators to provide both Vertical and Horizontal configuration, stand alone or fully integrated skid-mounted systems. Our production range includes Vane, Demister, Coalescer, Multi-Cyclone, Filter Separators and Three-Phase Separator solutions.


    Gas Treatment Systems are crucial to the performance and lifetime of Power Plants and other Industrial Plants major equipment. Main purpose of these Packages is to filter, meter, heat and reduce the pressure, ensuring that clean and dry gas is delivered to the downstream user(s) such as gas burners, gas-driven equipment (turbines, compressors), at the required pressure and temperature.

    Main packages for Gas Treatment offered by CDB Engineering are:

    • Fuel Gas Conditioning Systems
    • Gas Pressure Reducing Stations
    • Metering Systems (Orifice, Coriolis, Ultrasonic) and Analyzers


    Heaters are used for a range of operations in the Oil&Gas industry. Scope of Indirect Heating Units may be, for example, to reach the process conditions required by the burner of the Gas Turbines and to prevent the formation of hydrates due to the temperature reduction downstream of Pressure Regulation Station.

    Each system is customized to meet the Client specifications and to match project and operational demands.

    CDB Engineering oil and gas heating solutions are Indirect Bath Heaters (provided as packaged units) complete with fuel gas skid, burner and BMS as required) and Electric Heating Systems


    CDB Engineering has a long experience in the design and installation of Electro-chlorination plants to produce Sodium Hypochlorite for several applications like:

    • Off shore platforms
    • Large desalination plants
    • Power stations
    • Refrigeration plants
    • Petro-chemical complex for the associated utilities water treatments
    • Sea water intakes

    The produced Sodium Hypochlorite water solution is a powerful biocide and disinfecting agent and provides an efficient equipment protection against macro and micro organic fouling growth. Electro-chlorination plants eliminates the heavy costs associated to the purchasing of commercial biocide products and the dependency upon external suppliers. By electrolysis technologies of salty water it is possible to obtain a reliable, low maintenance, safety and CAPEX / OPEX convenient units in lieu of the unsafe and obsolete gas chlorine dosing.


    Plug valves’ metal-to-metal seats are designed for use in the most severe service applications, where performance and safety are critical.

    CDB Engineering offers a complete range of in-house-engineered plug valves to completely meet customers’ specifications.

    Thanks to our consolidated expertise in the field of oil and gas supply to major EPC companies, our extended machining capability, and dedicated in-house assembly and test facilities, we include a complete range of plug valves in its products portfolio.

    Innovative engineering solutions are offered in compliance with international standards, and thanks to our internal Engineering and R&D department, CDB Engineering can successfully undertake prototype-manufacturing operations.


    Full focus to achieve and maintain high quality standards in the management of these processes enabled CDB Engineering to earn the most important international certifications, including ASME „U“ and „U2“ Stamp, PED and TS/TR, as well as accreditation from the main international EPC Contractors and End Users.