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    Since 1998 CAAST offers a wide range of products and materials specifically designed and tested for offshore platforms and extraction wells, compressors, manifolds, pipelines and slew rings, actuators, safety valves, accumulators, cylinders, drill bits, advanced filters and perforation.

    CAAST manufactures and supplies components according to the most restrictive standards to secure the best safety needs for petroleum industry: its passion and its experience are focused on technical research and development of new applications to move forward the limit of what is nowadays considered “standard” in the market.

    CAAST ensures: full traceability of materials, quality controls according to the most severe standards, technical support in developing new applications, customized test on materials according to end-user requests, services & solutions. CAAST supplies seals with both turning and molding technology.

    The special turning and molding technologies with innovative machines allow in succeeding in the most demanding heavy duty applications. Thanks to its experience and know‐how, CAAST offers highly customized solutions to secure the needs of its customer and to obtain the best performances for their applications. CAAST production technologies are focused on fast track delivery and fully customized items from small volumes to medium‐large series.

    CAAST can machine or mold in one piece large diameter seals up to 3 mt or even without any limits in sizes with endless vulcanization. In specific application contexts, turning, thanks to the absence of the mold manufacturing cost, offers extremely competitive costs on limited runs. On 23 December 2020 CAAST completed the transformation from S.r.L. into a joint stock company and has also simultaneously increased the share capital.